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About Agrosolução

With 27 years of existence, we are a company dedicated to plant nutrition and pest control alternative, distributing liquid fertilizer through a perfect logistics, as well as bio and botanical products with unique technology in Brazil.

Our History
The AGROSOLUÇÃO, 100% Brazilian company, has already made history in the Brazilian agricultural market, recognized for innovation and reliability with which it treats its relations. It occupies a prominent position in the scenario of agribusiness through a multidisciplinary team able to promote innovative and practical agricultural solutions cost effective. Offering a new concept of LOGISTICS IN PLANT NUTRITION, as well as an innovative package CONTROL PLANT HEALTH ALTERNATIVE, bringing solutions to the sector, guided by the RESPONSIBLE AGRICULTURE sustainable environmental practices.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
The use of natural resources for agriculture has been done for many years, and its activity repeatedly "unconscious" has caused over the past 50 years, serious environmental problems. Our proposal is focused on working in partnership with nature, seeking to keep all your cycles up and running, ensuring necessary conditions for supporting life on our planet and practice of sustainable agriculture through an LOGISTICS IN PLANT NUTRITION efficient and non-polluting, and marketing PACKAGES TO ECONOMICALLY VIABLE aND PROFITABLE BUSINESS AGRIBUSINESS.

Guarantee the perfect plant nutrition needs and health of plants through intelligent solutions.

Being a leader in solutions for agribusiness to social and environmental responsibility.
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